Brunhilda's Backwards Day

Brunhilda the witch loves making trouble.


Each morning, she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. As soon as she leaves the house, she begins to spread her mischief. No one is safe from her rainy-day spells, or her wart-growing charms! 


But then, one night, Brunhilda's cat makes trouble instead.


What will happen when Brunhilda wakes up on the right side of the bed? And why won't her spells spread mischief anymore?


ISBN: 163450691X


Reading Level: Ages 3-8, 32 pages

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Bugs on Rugs Card Game

It's the perfect day to do come serious bug collecting! Spiders eat flies, ants love crowds, fireflies love bright colors... each bug scores in a different way, so make sure you gather the cleverest collection of critters by the time the game ends!


Bugs on Rugs was designed by Peter C. Hayward and illustrated by Shawna JC Tenney with Graphic Design by Josh Cappel. The game was published by Kids Table Board Games.


Playing Level: 2-5 players ages 8+


Duration: 20 Minutes

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

 While Farmer Bob is away, the foxes have assembled to raid the chicken coop so they can steal chickens into their bags and get them back home for cooking into delicious chicken dinner. It’s a fox eat fox world out there. Not only will the foxes need to watch out for Toby the farm dog guarding the chickens, they will need to steer clear of each other. No chicken is safe in the coop or in the bags.

Roll dice, steal chickens, avoid the dog, and cook up some tasty dinner. All of this, while you try to outfox other players as you race to see who will end up with the most cooked dinners and chickens in your bag


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is designed by Chad Elkins with illustrations by Shawna J.C. Tenney (Bugs on Rugs & Wizards of the Wild). It will make a great addition to your family game night line-up as well as a fun filler for adults.   

Playing Level: 2-4 players ages 8+


Duration: 15-30 Minutes

Wizards of the Wild

In Wizards of the Wild, each player is an animal wizard battling in the ultimate magic showdown at Stonehenge. Each species has a special power: Fox, Hare, Owl, Raccoon, and 4 more! The Acolytes of the Lost Masters — Cats and Dogs — run the games by setting up many challenges and spells. If you win, you will be crowned the new King of the Forest!

Wizards of the Wild is a fast paced engine-building card and dice game for 2-4 players that plays in about 30 minutes. Players roll custom dice to acquire spells, defeat challenges, and bribe acolytes. As the game progresses, your spells and special abilities combine in a unique way to increase your power. Dark magic gives you the ability to enfeeble other wizards, but you have to avoid too much of it lest it turn on you!

(Note: I illustrated the cover, the character cards, and some of the action cards)

Playing Level: 1-4 players ages 10+


Duration: 30 Minutes

Coming Soon! Creature Comforts

Introducing an all new game brought to you by Kids Table Board Games! Coming Fall 2020 to a Kickstarter near you!

Life in the forest is a lot of fun, at least while the sun is shining and the leaves are on the trees. Those days don’t last forever though, and long before the weather starts to change, the wise animals start to harvest for the long cold winter ahead. You will spend many months tucked into your burrow and you want to make it as cozy as possible. A nice bowl of soup, a comfortable rocking chair, and some toys and games will go a long way to make those dark winter days pass by quickly.


During the Spring, Summer, and Fall in Creature Comforts, you will gather different goods from the forest and spend them to collect items that will make your home more inviting while the world outside is covered in a layer of snow. Each round you will send family members out to various locations in an attempt to gain supplies. If they fall short of their goal, they’ll learn a lesson and be better prepared next time. The family that has created the most comfortable den wins the game.

Watch for the Kickstarter Campaign, Fall 2020!

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