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School Visits

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Arrange an author/illustrator visit at your elementary school with me! I love visiting elementary schools to share my passion for children's literature and illustration. My presentations are lively, interactive, educational, and fun! I've been presenting at elementary schools since 2008, and I would love to come to your school next!


About My Presentation:


How does an author-illustrator make a book? In this fun presentation, author/illustrator Shawna J.C. Tenney will unfold the process of creating picture books from brainstorm to publication. With student involvement in creativity exercises, students will learn how to to  come up with their own characters and story ideas. Shawna will help students understand how their stories and gifts can help make the world a better place. You don’t want to miss this exciting presentation!

Who my presentations are for:

I have two different assembly presentations for grades K-3 and grades 4-6. I don't ever combine the two age groups for my assemblies. Currently, I only offer assemblies for these two age groups, and no other workshops.



School author visits help empower students and help them see that they can achieve their dreams. As an author and illustrator, I have invested years into obtaining knowledge I can share with the students in a fun and exciting way. Paying Authors and Illustrators for school visits is important because we are investing time to share an empowering and important message with students, and often knowledge that even teachers don't have.

I am located in Utah County, Utah.


Utah Prices: $200 per assembly, $350 for two assemblies. Travel expenses will apply in addition to these prices for locations where I will have to travel and stay overnight, but can be shared with other schools and/or bookstores.


Out of Utah Prices: $1000 per assembly, $1500 for two assemblies. Travel expenses will apply in addition to these prices, but can be shared with other schools and/or bookstores. 


Book Sales:

Children love being able to own books by authors who visit their school and will remember the experience for years to come! For all books ordered, I will either sign them or send signed book plates, depending on the timing of the order. All  book sales for my school visits are done very simply and easily through Author Visit Central. This website supports independent bookstores, and that's a great thing!

Thanks for submitting!

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