Picture Book Dummy Part 3- Sending the Dummy Book to Agents and Editors

Dummy Books Part 1 Dummy Books Part 2 What to Put in Your Package for Agents and Editors What to put in your package may vary from publisher to publisher. Many editors and agents want you to send everything via email, and others want you to send everything via snail mail. How will you know what each Publisher or Agency wants? Research Publishers and Agents You can find a list of Publisher who are accepting unsolicited manuscripts, and Literary Agents in either The Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market book or in The Book, a publication that is only available to SCBWI members. There are not very many publishers who are accepting unsolicited (unagented) manuscripts anymore, so if you pl

Sometimes You Just Have to Start Over!

My Process: A Spread from The Queen of Sheep Baa's Royal Birthday Although I have somewhat of a standard work flow, it's interesting how my process changes from piece to piece, depending on the problems I need to sort out. If I can get things right from the thumbnail stage, things often go a lot smoother... Which was not the case with this spread I painted from my currentpicture book project: The Queen of Sheep Baa's Royal Birthday... Here's the Original Thumbnail. I somehow thought things were working out okay. either that, or I was in a hurry. Here is my first sketch. It ended up finishing it in a hurry. I did do some research, but perhaps not as much as I should have. I took the sketch to

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