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Brunhilda's Backwards Day Cat Craft

Make Brunhilda's Cat!

1. Print out the template on white card stock. Click here for the template.

2. Cut out the template. Only cut on the solid lines.

3. Trace everything but the eyes, nose and mouth onto black card stock or construction paper.

4. Cut out the black shapes. Be sure and cut all the lines on the tail to make it curly.

5. Glue the both parts of the cat's body together. Fold where the dotted lines indicate.

6. Glue the head on the top. Glue the tail on the back.

7. Color the eyes, nose, and mouth on the white construction paper. Cut them out and glue them on the head.

8. Curl the whiskers with a pencil and glue them onto the cat's face.

Don't forget to buy the book to enjoy fun and adventures with Brunhilda and The Cat!

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