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Picture Book Dummy Part 2- Preparing the Dummy Book to Send to Publishers using Adobe InDesign

Today I am reposting a blog post that I originally published in May of 2014. This demo was done in InDesign CS6, but I don't think things have changed much in InDesign CC. Actually just this last week, I helped an illustrator through this very process of making a dummy book. I hope this is helpful for those of you who have InDesign.

Making your dummy book into a PDF in Adobe InDesign

It's simple to make a dummy book in Adobe Indesign. Here is a few simple steps to get you started. In Indesign from the "File" menu, choose "New" and then "Document."

Then you can decide on a size. Make the size of the document the same size as your book will be. So for instance, if you decided your book will be 11 inches by 9 inches, make it that size. You can make your own page size by clicking on "Custom."

Set your document up to have spreads by checking the box that says "facing pages."

Once you are in the document, use the hot keys Command + D (on the Mac) or in the "File" menu click on "Place." A small image icon will appear on your mouse. Click your mouse in the page you would like your image to go in. Then move your image around to center it. Continue doing this until you have filled up your entire book.

After you have placed all the illustrations where you want them to go, type in all the words where you would like them to be placed over the images. You can do this by making a text box using the type tool on the left tool menu. If you have planned things out right from your storyboard to your sketches, there should be places for your text to go in each spread (see Part 1).

You can then choose "File" and then "Export" and export your file to a PDF. You will probably want to make a print PDF, and an interactive PDF- one for printing, and one for sending over the email.

Printing Your Dummy Book

There are many options for printing your dummy book.

You can print your book on an online printing and publishing site such DiggyPod or Blurb, along with dozens of others. Just google "print my book online."

You could also get your book printed at your local print and copy store such as Alphagraphics or FedEx Office.

I prefer to print my own books on my printer. It looks just as nice if I use card stock so the ink doesn't bleed through. I like this option, because I may want to send my book out to more than one publisher or agent at a time, and it's the cheapest option for printing multiple books.

I don't print the book at 100%. I usually shrink the book down to fit onto 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, so the book is mailable. Then I get my book spiral bound with clear plastic covers at the local copy and mailing store. The most important thing to remember is that your dummy book should look clean and professional!

Also remember to keep your digital dummy book handy because many publishers and agents like you to send everything via email. Good luck getting your dummy book ready to send to publishers!

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